Fresh Fish Daley

The latest  news from our local, real deal,  fish monger.

Dear FFDers,

As Irene nears, I certainly hope our town officials have made preliminary contact involving Former Mayor Ray Nagin to pick his brain as to how to handle the aftermath of a Cat 3 hurricane.(no substitute for experience) Even if they have, it appears this girl has a chance to be quite annoying. Something wrong with the picture of Florida with nary a drop and NE bearing the full brunt. I suppose if you live long enough,one is exposed to ever more crazy scenarios. Two weeks into my 60th year I’m beginning to reflect on things past and what may come. You really don’t have to pay any attention to them. However, Please pay some mind to these offerings:

A few things available today: Beautiful Georges Bank haddock

Large dry & firm , and very fresh Sea Scallops

Halibut fillet

LG Lane Snapper

Scottish farm raised salmon

Large Flounder fillets

Grand Banks ( N.Atlantic)Swordfish

Tomorrow: Wild King salmon, for sure and possibly a few surprises I don’t even know about yet. There will be, no doubt, the entire fleet ashore in preparation, to the best of their ability, securing safe harbor. We send all our best hopes to all Captains, crews and vessels for as little damage as possible to anyone’s means of livelihood and those of us depending on them.

NH nectarines and Jersey peaches make us proud today, ORGANIC red leaf lettuce, and some full flavored NY tomatoes to receive the powdering of fresh basil, also on hand.

It’s actually a good time to buy, today, considering that the line, hoping for the freshest in seafood fare, could well make the Exeter Inn upon my arrival back from the docks tomorrow, close to 10:30AM. Certainly hope to see you, and thank you for your time.


Fresh Fish

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