EHS 2011 Graduating Class Statistic

Recently I had  a discussion with  a friend regarding their HS graduates(Beverly, MA)  and the percentage going on to college. Since they quoted a very high percentage I had to check to see how we measured up. I just got the answer this evening. I was unable to verify the  Beverly % which was quoted as  over  90, and seemed high, to me. So I checked  a premier high school  in MA.

“Newton North had a percentage of  86% going on to 4& 2 year schools,with numerous students attending Ivy League schools like Harvard, Princeton and Yale, according to the principal’s office. The other 14 percent will either attend tech school, go for employment, join the military, are undecided, or are taking a year off.”

The EHS Class of 2011:

77% went on to college (2-4 year)

Break down:

4-year =67.6

2-year = 9.6


2 thoughts on “EHS 2011 Graduating Class Statistic

  1. Another important statistic you are missing Mike is the graduation rate – I think the 4-year is still relevant, but perhaps a five-year rate is permissible. Perhaps the new drop-out law changed things, but many classes shrunk during my time at EHS.

    Newton North is good, but I’d go with Winchester High School – 99.5% graduated, with 85% on to 4-years, 4% to two-years, 3% to other programs, and 3% to the workforce. “School and Community Profile”

    Canton High School has 85% going on to high-ed, 81% to 4-years. You will find that it is common statistic in the Boston suburbs. Exeter High is a great school, but it has plenty of room for improvement in terms of it’s 4-year college rate and its caliber of schools.

    That said, 4-year college isn’t for everyone and 2-year programs offer important skills for those entering the workforce. The larger issue is the students who drop out or enter the workforce without plans for further education!

  2. John,
    I appreciate your cogent comment . I was not trying to make any real point, I was simply caught with my pants down in a casual conversation and had no stats on EHS. Funny, someone once told me that folks who live in Stoneham near the Winchester line will say, “We are practically in Winchester!”.

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