leaning tower of power

I have been driving by  this pole on Grove Street  for a year. Watching it lean over towards the road. I guess according  to a Town  Official the pole is Unitil’s problem. I only sent an email with pic  this week, as  a utility contractor has begun the job of fixing this horrendous installation. Maybe I should have sent an email  to Unitil months ago. I guess it’s up to  citizens  to weigh in more frequently and in a more  pointed fashion. I just assumed that someone( charged with and compensated for such responsibility) must  be seeing this pole lean over.

Unitil  has announced that we may experience power outages of several days.

The contractor shook his head(incredulous)  when I inquired while driving by if the 3 transformers(3000 lbs each) should have been on one pole, a skinny one at that. I guess it’s  a big job moving the transformers to other poles, they have been at it two days  now.

An average  car weighs between 2900-3500 lbs.

It’s still leaning as the storm approaches.

I was using the pole issue to try and impress on a Town Official that  we are able  to see things that are wrong, shoddy, and ask why those working for the Town don’t  seem to notice. I mean really, this pole should have been reported by someone charged with Public Safety a long time ago.

I am not out looking for these  things, they are right in front of me.

I am suggesting that  perhaps  those employed by the Town  that drive by that pole as often as I do report the issue.

Firemen, Police, and DPW employees  and others should not simply say “That’s a  Unitil problem”.

Turn  up your fridge and freezer today.


One thought on “leaning tower of power

  1. kinda skeery looking, Mike. let us know how ya’s did, with Irene plowing thru!
    (we’re concerned)

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