From Bob Moore,

Musicians, Poets, Poets for Change, Existential Beings, Aliens from the Planet of your Choice:

Sorry for the delay on this (power issues, computer issues, etc..) This weekend is the third annual Exeter UFO festival. So, we thought it would be appropriate as a theme to celebrate the alien invasion by asking those of you who are up to it, to dress in the alien attire of your choice. Dress as the creatures who were alleged to abduct Betty and Barney Hill as one suggestion. It’s your call if you’re willing and able. We have a couple of special features/surprises for you this Friday including The Peacemongers. The Peacemongers consist of FUUSE’s own Barbara Benham on vocals, Wayne Benham on harmonica, and Bob Moore on guitar and vocals. The Peacemongers repertoire ranges from rocking rhythms, and country ballads, to Chicago blues. The Peacemongers will also be playing at the Alien Café (Loaf and Ladle) during the UFO festival (September 3rd) this weekend from 6:30-8:00 PM. It’s possible that we’ll have a visit or two from some extra-terrestrials that are likely to land in Exeter for the weekend. Other surprises are in the works but I will keep them under the rug (or under the alien craft) for now. The coffeehouse begins at 7:30 PM. Sign-up for the open-mike begins at 6:30 PM. Open-mike starts at 8:30 PM. Tell a friend, bring a dessert and we’ll see you this Friday, September 2.


The First Friday Coffeehouse featuring The Peacemongers and special alien guests from planets yet to be determined.

The First Unitarian-Universalist Society of Exeter

12 Elm Street (Parish Hall), Exeter, NH

Friday, September 2               7:30 PM

Sign-up for performers starts at 6:30 PM.

Musicians, poets, families, performing art enthusiasts encouraged to attend. Bring a dessert. Coffee and tea will be provided. Donations gratefully accepted. Tell a friend and see you on Friday, Sept 2

For more information, e-mail or phone: 642-4648.