Fresh Fish Daley

Mid week missive from Fred,

Dear FFDers, Nice fat fishes, fish with size…grillers, bakers,fryers, blackenders it’s all here.

1) Halibut

2) Blues

3) Wild King

4) Sword

5) Haddock, Cod, hake

6) Atlantic. Salmon

7) Wild Gulf shrimp

Lobsters from $4.95….a quick 5 minute boil for 5-6 dollars and you’ve just treated yourself and significant other to a brief romantic reprieve of the ordinary.. for the appetizer, a couple bites of hot buttered lobster or shrimp. not bad.

We stewed up Mediterranean style, some Cod portions for the health conscious, time conscious mama : a zippy tomato based sauce loaded with cod, mushrooms, garlic, poblano peppers, onions, squid ….no meat, nor fat..

Please remember….Alex is coming in today and he loves to peel ; so if you need any shrimp done to save your time call us….772-5011.

We’re proud of all the above  and as mentioned, this is the season these fishes take on the flavor that we look forward to and remember.. Thanks for your time. Fred

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