Stillwells Riverwalk Ice Cream

I asked the  fellow from DPW this morning to place a few extra trash bags  in the bottom  of the barrels at Stewart Waterfront Park. This way  since they are often overflowing on Luann Faber’s fine gardening work, I can bag it, and insert a fresh bag. If you see it  overflowing  feel free to do the same. You  might consider packing your trash out with you too.

I just don’t want a simple thing like disposing of ice cream  cups to become an issue.

I suggested  recently to my Aunt that she forget about  grocery store ice cream and she is now on board. Ice cream delivery is also  another visit, check in, if you will. I  provided her with a list of flavors, as she goes for the pint container. We call ahead too, you can’t believe how long it takes to pack a pint, it’s alot of work! Stillwells did not have any  menus printed up so I took a pic of the menu board,  you can print this PDF for your own purposes.

Ice Cream Flavors list for your ice cream jones.


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