I had to leave tonight’s Dam removal meeting after 34 minutes. That  old dam is going nowhere fast, well not that fast, they were talking about a study  that is still a year  or more away from completion. I have to collect my thoughts on this one and post tomorrow. Maybe  60 people attended and few I recognized, this was not a cross section of Exeter residents and probably included folks from other Towns.

No young(the future)  residents in attendance.

Lionel opened with “your concerns about fire suppression, water supply”. Mimi mentioned the “consequences of dam removal” She also  said that  this was not going to be a “debate pro or con”.

That’s when I split.

If we are not going to seriously consider removing the dam by placing that charge in the hands of obstructionists, we should cancel the study.

It was very warm  and uncomfortable in the  hall for a meeting scheduled to go 2 1/2 hours.