The latest,

Dear FFDers,

Thanks very much for a noticeable response on Wednesday after sending out the word. It left the cupboards a bit bare yesterday and I went and asked my Portsmouth connection to bring in a couple of items to hold me til this am when I do my usual trek to Boston. When relying on others it puts you at there mercy. Though fish was great ; when it arrives at 4:00 a bunch of folks weren’t able to get their first choice. TODAY just may have proven to be worth the wait.

The selections I mentioned Wednesday got bumped up a notch by new arrivals and better selections. I mentioned the Fall for the optimum fat content of certain species and we get to benefit at the table.

The Sword and the Halibut and Bluefish simply don’t get better.

Haddock ,Cod ,Hake and super proud of all.

One fish not in this category is the Wild Salmon. Though very fresh , very few fish are being landed now in this particular WA river , and they haven’t been feeding for a while. Tastes a bit mild , but with adequate seasonings still a winner, and good for you.

Purged steamers have gotten great reviews. Imagine eliminating the obligatory grit of sand per bite ….

My helpers came up with reasons not to work this aft and I never got a chance to finish this with aplomb but rest assured what’s here is good and we have a bunch of it to get us through the weekend if you wanted to Wow some friends.

Many thanks for your time….Fred