Good deal

Last year I needed to do some work with a camera shop, a real one. I needed advice and expertise. This is in short supply at Drug Stores.I had to drive to Dover, NH to find the last true photo shop in the area.

Photosmith, they are the  last  shop around.

The owner was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I receive from time to time, emails from Photosmith regarding specials related to processing. I am passing this one along,  it’s a good deal if you are in need of 8×10 prints. I checked around a little.

If Columbus had ten bucks and a laptop, he’d be placing his order now…

We’re bringing back our SUPER AWESOME

“10 8×10 for $10” special!

(We thought about raising it to $11 for 2011, but it just doesn’t sound as good…)

Order through our website to get the deal!

Use coupon code “101011” and receive
10  8×10 for only $10

That’s almost $70 in savings!

 Limit 10 8×10 per person. Online ordering only, shipping not included.

Offer expires on 10/13/11 at midnight.
Tell your friends!

263 Central Avenue
Dover, New Hampshire 03820

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