End of Season

I yanked the scow this morning, the few warm days left  can be used for cleanup and winterizing. When exiting the boat ramp I ran into our parking officer.

Not literally.

I asked him a few questions  about the train paid parking proposal which I support. I told him that  frequently when  I visit Romeo’s Pizza on Lincoln St the owners (believing I have some clout) will inform me of another  all day commuter using the shopping strip  parking spaces. The last one was a  huge Tahoe. The  businesses on this strip rely on  those slots for their duck in, duck out customers, which form the bulk of the trade. Parking there is just plain wrong and frankly, insensitive to these businesses and customers.

If  paid parking is instituted we should revisit the parking regulations on Lincoln Street.

Just prior to  the decision to build a new High School we enacted  a no all day parking rule on Lincoln Street.

There were signs and the required 4 0r 5 hearings. I always felt the rule was simply to drive the kids away and felt it was suspect. I did not understand  the push.

Those signs are gone now and will someone weigh in and tell me why?

If we enact a pay parking system we will need   parking regulations and signs  in place. Otherwise the pikers will avoid the RR lot.

Oh yea, get an EZ Pass will you please. I cannot believe the number of NH  windshields not sporting an EZ  Pass .It saves you money and time. I love the guy that blows  by me at 80 on 101 ,  ducks in at the last minute for the 95 exit while cutting off another driver, then  is  digging in line  for change at the toll booth.


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