Municipal Budget Committee

Next Tuesday we vote on this proposal as a Community. I hope to see a huge turnout to defeat the gambit being foisted on us by a  handful. In my  view it is critical we maintain our current  system of  government. That we not be fooled by statements  of the few that would color this proposal  as benign.

Should I try and convince you to vote no simply using the possible  negative effect on our elementary schools? Would that work?

Why are there not howls from Stratham residents regarding cutting 500K from their elementary schools?


Screw the future, at our collective peril.

The great  bulk of the Town Budget, over 70% is fixed, there is no getting around some numbers. What the heck will  this committee be poring over for a year? A new wood chipper? How many sheets  of construction paper each child is allowed in kindergarten?

I have great confidence in  our Selectmen and their process of parsing department requests for the balance. I can vote for Selectmen, I can watch their deliberations on my viewing screen, computer or television.

I can show up and voice my support and  concerns at  Selectmen meetings. I can call them on the phone.

Don Clement on speed dial.

I am not at all interested in having more “concerned” citizens to monitor, cajole and influence throughout the year.

Vote no on this proposal and  I hope after this distasteful affair  is put to rest,  the “handful” give it a rest too.


I’m urging you to come out on Tuesday to vote against the Municipal Budget Committee at the Special Town Meeting – 7am to 8pm Tuesday October 25th at the Talbot Gym on Linden Street.


Turn out will matter. Bring a neighbor! Absentee ballots are available at the Town Clerk’s office.






2 thoughts on “Municipal Budget Committee

  1. Mike, 70% is the amount for wages and benefits. When you add in debt payments for past bonded articles like the Epping Rd water tank and Open Space Bond plus utility cost the percentage is closer to 75%.
    Other big items in the budget are:
    Snow removal $305,000
    Paving $750,000
    Waste disposal $860,000
    Throw in the library budget of about $900,000 and you’re up to about 93% of the total general fund budget.

  2. Thanks for weighing in Don. So, the nut is even larger, hardly any left over to elicit such gnashing. In 1895 foresighted individuals enacted a law in NH mandating the establishment of Town libraries and a protected funding mechanism. The Libraries are above the fray.
    Well done!

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