Just voted(10am)

The current rate at which the Community is voting, about 100 an hour. Do not leave this important vote to your neighbor, get there.

I will have the results as soon as they are done with the tally tonight.

UPDATE 4pm/  Only about 850 community members have voted.

UPDATE 655pm We ran out of  ballots at 1200 voters the copies being made and used will have to be hand counted delaying the 8pm results. I will report  on a solid trend at 8’ish but the final will be  a bit later. The reason for the surge is attributed to a  letter sent out to parents by the PTO. There is no foul for such  a letter sent home with students if done  by the PTO. Really though, the matter should have been high profile and on the parents calendars prior to any letter. In my view also  there are few excuses that work  for not having enough ballots to insure a straight forward process.

Check  back a bit later  for the final tally.

Update 8:o8 Unofficial word, defeated by a healthy margin. I  got some numbers  but am sitting on them . The final count in 30 minutes.

Final tally 8:20

Article 1 Yes 412

No 974

Article 2 Yes 352

No  1025



3 thoughts on “Just voted(10am)

  1. Ken,
    Thanks for that very important information. I inserted the “no foul” line in the post when that now spurious information was offered to me.It was my attempt to stave off any howling by the article’s proponents. Your comment will serve as amending my rush to publish.
    Thanks again,

  2. Doozie just received a note(email) to pass along to me. It would seem there was no PTO letter, there was a broadcast email. A letter! How retro that would have been. I just got off the phone and was told the Newsletter has the full story. We don’t take the paper here.

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