I was in to FFD today, in fact we just finished the delicious salmon . I saw that haddock he has too and it looks very nice. Fred and I also engaged in a most spirited(loud) discussion regarding today’s warrant  article. I also  inquired if he was following the Boston Globe spotlight report which began in Sunday’s Globe regarding mislabeled fish.

Here is the latest  from  Fred,

Dear FFDers,

More than once a smart  aleck will tell me it was a good thing my last name wasn’t Weekly. The same number of folks are endeared to the catchy title of this humble establishment. There are Daily’s out there ,there are Dailey’s out there , and Daly’s too, but did any of them venture into the fish business after having his fiancee with her roommate, after multiple glasses, brainstorm up Fresh Fish Daley?? The play on the phrase “fresh fish daily” is all it is. There is no intent to deceive anyone into thinking such. To make that trip into Beantown each day is something unconscionable this day and age. twice a week seems to be the right amount. My heyday was 3 times (Mon, Wed,and Fri) and it was a bear, but manageable while in my 30’s and 40’s. I’m down to a few who remember me starting out in a truck on Portsmouth Ave hoping that somebody would think it worth a stop to obtain Gloucester freshness. Before I put the sign out I asked an Uncle what he thought the best advice to be for a guy opening his own business… “Just be honest.” The response..sound instruction.

The past couple days I’ve had the Boston Globe article of fish mislabeling brought to my attention. Fairly lengthy article (like this e-mail) about the undercover findings of all kinds of fish either intentionally or not misrepresented. It was mostly restaurants trying to offer less expensive varieties as exotic fare. Anyway, to make it short , though I’ve fibbed from time to time to a customer who has asked “When did that come in?” ( this business will make a liar out of anyone involved in the buying and selling) rest very assured that if it is Haddock in the tray the sign will say Haddock. I profit in no way of mislabeling a specie. No funny business with the wild or farmed , fresh or pre-frozen. What goes in the case is what it says it is. As the boys in the hood would say: “straight up…real talk.” and keeping with the “keeping it real ” theme here’s is what DID arrive today via the FFD refrigerated van.:

Simply perfect: Haddock, Cod, Sole, Flounder, Grouper, Sea Scallops, Tuna toro, ..never better

Didn’t arrive today but still mouth watering : Sword , Big-eye tuna, salmon Atlantic, Blue and Halibut. That’s extensive variety, top quality AND Nick’s in trouble if the right sign isn’t on the right tray.

Got the usual crab and salmon cakes and salads, stuffing’s and new organic red leaf and some sweet Cantaloupes… new oysters from Onset, MA. Way too many things to mention…thanks for hanging in. Some folks were concerned about what it is they eat …all I can tell them is that from FFD, as Bill Belichek would say,: “It is what it is!!”. Thanks for your time ….Fred

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