Henry Ossawa Tanner Fishermen at Sea ca. 1913 oil on canvas

Dear FFDers, what can I say …we’re loaded. Just about all of it you’d be proud to offer to your Mother for her last meal. I’ll just list the stuff so as to not lose you to excessive gabbing: ( yes I was accused..) took me a full day to get over it.

North Atlantic : Large Cod, Haddock, Flounder, and Swordfish..sea scallops

shellfish:.. fresh Oysters (Onset, MA), Little necks, (Falmouth,MA) PEI mussels and Maine Steamers

Farmed Atlantic salmon, and back after brief hiatus..the .WILD KING SALMON (pre- frozen)very high quality and a price comes with it.

I loaded up with a huge fillet of MAHI-MAHI…over 13 lbs the one side of this fish weighed, possibly the biggest of this specie I’ve seen…We made a mango glaze that could be personalized to your taste and it would make a great spread after broiling or blackening.

PREPARED: new batch of the fresh albacore tuna salad…(really closing in on perfection), baked stuffed clams…one special soup: tomato/rice with mussels and andouille sausage; you’d be the first on the block, as this is a first for FFD, and would be happy you were.

1) Smoked trout pate

2) Clam Chowder

3) Crab cakes

4) Calamari salad

5) Fresh lobster salad…go ahead you’re worth it.

PRODUCE: we’re trickling in the Thanksgiving stuff so you can experiment with some recipes.

1) Peeled butternut squash

2) Rutabagas

3) Garnet yams if you haven’t tried these shame on you.

4) NH Fugi apples….100% all natural cider as well….no preservative

Of course there more….much more, but I’m envisioning multiple sets of eyes beginning to glaze over..and I need you to stay awake to find your way to this joint.

Thanks for your time…..Fred

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