Your Call

Remember that awful column in the Newsletter? I was going to hit the library yesterday and check the archives for some choice examples of anonymous calls, for all the new residents to read. It seemed on reflection to be an unnecessary search, especially this morning. You could literally drop a dime on anyone, anything, without identifying yourself. The Newsletter eventually dumped the snitch line. Often a “Your Call” would precipitate a host of letters to the editor.


The calls were always anonymous, placed by folks with no real conviction, just agendas.

Anonymous comments should be ignored, and Exeter Patch would do well to moderate or change their comment policy.

I did on the Crier.

I also have no interest in the Windham infighting, or for that matter Salem. In the absence I guess of any local comment we are being served a regular diet of disaffected comments from afar. The Patch site is using our Town name and should be making every effort to produce a product reflective of our Community.

Blogs that are anonymous should be ignored too, and NH has a slew of them. Some seem to me are written by people in need of a welfare check.

If you have something to say, sign your name, stand up, and perhaps you might find some confederate to support you.

Otherwise your comment is akin to a spray painted scream on a wall, in the dark of the night.


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