We purchased two dozen of the Wellfleet oysters for Thanksgiving, Fred showed me how to open one at the shop, and it went real smooth. No Emergency Department visit, and  they were delicious.

I was visiting with Bud Field  our Harbormaster yesterday  morning and oysters came up in the course of a very spirited conversation. Bud still takes his tongs, which  belonged to his bride’s Father  to the Great Bay to grab a bushel or two. He  keeps them in his basement, in a crate covered with seaweed. If the basement is cool, you can  eat them all Winter.

I will admit to keeping  our purchase on heavy  ice.

Here is the latest  from the fish monger on Front Street.


Dear FFDers, everyone agrees there’s nothing better than that turkey sandwich the next day for lunch, but now all that “love the leftover” talk has subsided and it’s onto the fish. And for good reason:…check the girth!. Today would be a great day to begin a week of fish, salad and fruit. I realize it’s very easy to say and unfortunately simply impossible for me to do …but here you’ll find the right stuff, if you can find the discipline.

Huge selection of seafood: Haddock: Icelandic fillets….$8.95

Native offshore $11.95

Codfish, Halibut, Flounder, Sea Scallops,

Marzuna…( A wild Chilean hake type critter..beautiful clean white , delicate flaky fillet…worth a shot, for sure………..$9.95

Sword, Salmon, Bluefish……..Wild King salmon ( tomorrow ;lett’n it thaw)

Shellfish: SHUCKED OYSTERS for stews or adding to just about anything for enhanced flavor. fried oysters can’t be beat either, just don’t tell anyone.

Fantastic LITTLE-NECKS from the Cape, and a few doz Wellfleet “in the shell” oysters….

I’m in charge of the appetizers for our gang at Thanksgiving and those little-necks got huge raves… It’s sad. The bag contains 200ct pieces of clams and I’ll probably throw away more than half. the traditons of seafood at the holidays has waned a bit over the years;I won’t bore you here with all the examples, but tersely put : nothing’s quite like it used to be. But it’s my job to make available those tidbits at holiday tables, they bring a great sense of sharing and it does bring alot of “sooooo gooood”‘s from family and friends.


Organic Red leaf lettuce.. field mix (baby lettuces)….Tomatoes..Garnet Yams, Rutabagas,Asparagus, Zucchini, Onions , Shallots, red new potatoes, nice seedless ruby red grapefruit and for the real health conscious…red Swiss chard

Fruit: NH fugis, Comice pears(real ripe…great deal) speaking of deals: 8 oz Blackberries with great flavor..3 for $5.00… also more mushrooms than we know what to do with.

Yup, we’re looking like a real market today…alot of great quality items and some super deals. it’s time to put a few weeks together of healthy chow in order to make room for the next barrage during Christmas and New Years. We’ll make sure we have all that for you then as well. until…thanks for your time…Fred


One thought on “FFD

  1. If today’s photograph selection was intended to make FFD’s offerings sound more appealing, it worked! Those turkey leftovers (minus the gnawed on parts) could be the beginning of a good homemade turkey soup.

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