weekend roll(SanDisk)

That’s the one.

Blue Moon, unbeatable.

Button Factory Open House. See you there next year.


We were attending the Strawberry  Banke Candlelight stroll later and headed  over early to  convert the E-ticket, no need.

I could smell the hull paint as soon as it came into view. The Gundalow, really spiffy,out of the water it  really is handsome and despite it’s beam and length , you really  “get  it ” as a shallow water vessel. Allow me a few  views of this great ship.

Watching the vessel being moved to the water should prove as interesting as the launch. It  is seriously  large. Only five days left till they splash the Gundalow.

View from Poco’s, next to the fire.

Last  minute requests.

Strawberry Banke Candlelight Stroll, it was  fun and informative. It is also appropriate and  interesting to engage the players in each tableau, they are prepared for robust  audience  participation.

Sunday, MFA Boston   to see the new wing & Degas. Accompanied by some urban villagers we know.

Stumbled upon some Ravens.

                                      Room in Brooklyn Edward Hopper


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