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The latest from Fred.

Dear FFDers,

Here we go again.

What I’d give to be on top of things enough to have be able to concentrate on just thing, like this business, having completed all the extras that these Christmas seasons require. However… If I seem a little bah-hum buggy this next week just know that this too shall pass…it’s just that pleasing 100+ or so people that are counting on the very best for their special guests can be a bit stressful and tiring for this cowhand. At the same time I at least know what’s coming and the fact that I get to do it once again, thanks to so many of you that extended FFD’s shelf life into yet another year, is enough to be grateful for the opportunity.

With this extended good weather supplies have been constant and quality and selection have been strong. This especially true for the North Atlantic species like haddock, flounder , hake, sea scallops. Nothing like the cold , cold water to bring out the sweetness. Even the sword the past week or so has been caught by day-boats off the jersey shore, nothing I’ve heard of before but these fish are gorgeous. I brought back some really nice sushi-grade tuna today as well and if you haven’t experienced the toro(belly ) from the tuna today’s the right time for that as well.

The weird stuff available here : Artic char, Snapper, Blues, all exceptional.

Offshore Wellfleet oysters just in shoppers! Smoked Blue and Trout Pates for your cracker spreads, Calamari salad for endless applications,Fresh Albacore tuna still wowing ’em.

Soups: Fish


Lobster and Corn chow , we’re new at it but still quite tasty.

Produce: Fla. Grapefruit coming around nicely

Fresh green beans

Organic lettuces, red swiss chard, asparagus, Garnet yams…enough her to let you :


So bring it on..tell me what you’d like for your holiday fare: shrimp, lobsters , steamers, we’ll round it up and it’s possible you may even receive a smile when picking up your order… if not, please know we’re always very grateful that you choose and trust FFD for your seafood.

Thanks for your time…..Fred

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