Visual Composition

When I take a stroll Downtown with  Santa Cairn I always stop at  Kaplan Photography and check out  the portraits in the  window. Is  Dad in the center? Mom? The dog? The athletic daughter is perhaps high atop the fence rail. It’s just fun, to  analyze what it is you are  looking at, in the window, on the screen, and the Front page.

Images  can inform, and they can be used to skew a story.

The story today  regarding  the Chief in the Newsletter is a good example of skewing a rather straight forward story.

The image of the Chief, which was not taken at the meeting in question, is most definitely  projecting an attitude. No smile, his shoulder   shoving aside the text to his right, an odd angle.

I was really  unsure when reading the story as to the tone ascribed to  the Chief. It did not feel right, to me. It really felt like an attempt, again, to make something out of nothing.

I was going to watch the meeting online to make my own determination, but decided to make a call instead.

There are no Selectmen that feel Chief Kane was in any way confrontational, he  was only was doing his job  as a Department head and frankly my sense  is they all thought he let them off easy!

I just wish we could continue to move forward and this story unfortunately  was a wedge driver story.


2 thoughts on “Visual Composition

  1. I’m not commenting on your assessment of the article or what and how Chief Kane presented before the Board of Selectmen, but you said “There are no Selectmen…. Since you did not speak to me about this, I’d prefer that you not assume that you know how I feel about a subject.
    Frank Ferraro

  2. Thanks very much for making that distinction Frank. I reached for the 5″ and should have used the 3″ angled trim brush instead.
    Merry Christmas,

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