Dear FFDers,

It’s been a given for a while now that fish has been eliminated as a staple for family fare. It’s for a special occasion that expresses to guests that they are well thought of enough that you, as hosts, were willing to break the bank to have them over for assorted appetizers or dinner.

It’s where we are in 2012, and I wish I had better news for the prospects for the future, but no market is driven more by supply and demand than this industry; and the demand, by plenty , exceeds the supply. But once a year we can find cause to celebrate and splurge a bit and toast our good fortune to what we DO have with our close friends. Here’s a couple ideas:

From the Homemade Dept: (while they last, of course)

1) Lobster Newburg

2) Crabcakes

3) Fishcakes

4) Soups: Lobster Bisque,Clam Chowder,Spicy Crab and Corn,Fish

5) Fresh Albacore Tuna Salad,Calamari salad

6) Smoked Trout pate

The 3 weeks following Christmas are without a doubt are the most difficult to find fresh landings due to Holiday rest time for the boats, and if they are even willing to leave port, weather too is a real factor this time of year. At the same time what does make it to market is as pristine as possible and a true treat. What we’ll be looking for tomorrow:

1) Haddock…( cod virtually unaffordable), Hake, Flounder

2) Sea Scallops, possibly the capes as well

3) Salmon..Fresh Atlantic..and Wild King(pf)

4) Sword fish

5) Grouper

Basically whatever our Ocean renders and a few alternatives from around the world. We’ll be peeling wild gulf shrimp to save you time , we’ll be picking lobster meat , and we’ll have a bunch of cocktail shrimp if you haven’t OD’D on them yet.

Yes , OYSTERS. Yes, LITTLENECKS. Somehow we’ll fit it all in. So find a special someone or two, invite them over for a nibble and acknowledge with thanks our bounty and health for this past year and may it only improve in 2012.

Thanks for your time,

Fred Daley