Follicles Hair Studio

My Aunt’s hair stylist has  moved to a new location on Portsmouth Ave. Kathy and Stephanie formerly with Hairstyles in the Globe Plaza are striking out on their own.Kathy has been  my Aunt’s hairstylist  for 8 years.


Stephanie and I go way back  to when our boys needed booster seats. This exciting new venture is located in the Mclane Condo complex, directly  across Portsmouth Ave  from NE House of Pizza. If you are contemplating a new look  for 2012, give them a  call and make an appointment.

Follicles Hair Studio

105 Portsmouth Ave Unit 37

Exeter, New Hampshire 03833


Women, Men and Children



4 thoughts on “Follicles Hair Studio

  1. WOW!!! How exciting for the both of you. May this endeavor be very prosperous for you this coming year and for years to follow. Congrats to the both of you.

  2. Stephanie congratulations, for finally striking out on your own! I love the feel of your new Salon, so clean and bright and relaxing!I wish you great success as you take off on your New Creative adventure.You and Kathy have taken flight,now soar!!!

  3. refreshing and fun place to get your hair cut or styled. very professional,, at a working persons salary rate… once you go you;ll know,,,,,,,, 5 stars.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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