Norris Brook Culvert replacement update

I stopped and inquired of a  Water & Sewer crew today the status of the culvert repair. I stopped because I was jazzed to see some activity  at the site. I was under the false impression that we were going to dive right in at the start of the New Year.

Get er done.

The crew was just there today to install some heat tape on a pipe.

“March”  I was told by a crew member.

So ,after asking a question,  here  is the tight schedule.

Now you are all in the know about this continuing pain  in the neck detour.

The latest word on the  project schedule from a Town Official.

“The plan is to start the Water Street culvert in March and finish it before May. The Parkway will be open to 2 way traffic during that time. Once that is done work will start on the Parkway culvert. The Parkway will be blocked off from the Pavilion to the Newfields Rd. entrance. A temporary turn around will be constructed at the cement blockhouse to allow cars to go into the parkway and then turn so that they can exit back on Water Street. By doing this we can allow people to drive into the parkway and park and allow the Farmer’s Market and the concerts to set up.”

“Hopefully everything will be done by July 1.”

It’s the “hopefully ” part that  just grinds me.

Hopefully the temporary turnaround will be of such dimension to allow a giant hot dog truck to turn around.


Update 11:19 am  The post went up at 11:06


Thanks for the update, now that temp turnaround, will that  be of such size that the lawn is affected? I thought that was recently redone? Are the dates of completion of the first bridge accompanied by any penalties for  not making the schedule?


“The turnaround will be for pulling in then backing out. The 2 granite posts will be removed at the driveway to make it easier.”

‘Bids for the work haven’t gone out yet so I don’t know what the schedules or possible penalties will be.”


So, consider yourself now fully informed and stay tuned for possible changes. I am  hopeful that  July 1  is a  wonderful day of celebration


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