Winter reveal

Right after you clear the slalom course(RR Bridge) on Route 85 outbound, check out the hornet’s nest at the crest of the hill. It’s way up in a tree over the northbound lane.I am sure many of you have spotted it already.

In an effort to identify the Summer residents I grabbed some pics. Nest’s are rarely  reused and don’t usually last this long. The lack of snow(great!) has preserved this specimen. It’s a hornet nest, most likely yellow jackets given the scaly nature of their work. Their nest  has many entrances.

Paper wasps or bald faced  wasps  employ sheets of paper. They have white markings on their face, no yellow markings at all ,and use one entrance.

Here is a  shot of a 2 year old yellow jacket nest with a milk jug for scale. A portion  of the surface has been removed to reveal  the combs. This  picture is part of the wiki article link. The hornet while pesky at  picnics is an important predator of other insects.

“Geez Phil you know an awful lot about  insects!”  “I just love you!”

“Now Muriel, for  one million dollars, calm down, focus, identify which  nest on the screen before you is the yellow jacket nest, no help from the studio audience, please!”

wiki all about yellow jackets


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