eye in the sky

Last Summer  this pole with  mounted camera and microwave antenna  was installed above Portsmouth Ave on the Route 101 overpass.

I actually will check a DOT camera network  in CT, MA, Smart Traveler, just to get a visual of the roads.

Why not?

I find the service useful, it’s there so why not take a peek.

I contacted Mr Boynton at NH DOT yesterday to inquire about  this latest Route 101 installation and when it would go live on the web. This pole is part of a greater regional  initiative.

Mr. Lambert…

None of the cameras installed on I-95, I-93 or the Spaulding Turnpike are yet available for public access. That is the plan for sometime in the future.

FYI… The I-95 Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) project involves the installation of strategically located “Intelligent Transportation System” (ITS) devices along the 39-mile corridor of the Spaulding Turnpike and Interstate 95 from the Mass to Maine border. All devices will be controlled by the Traffic Management Center (TMC) in Concord. The entire system will be connected via a point-to-point microwave radio communications system. The communication equipment will be installed either on independent steel poles or it will be co-located with the closed circuit cameras. The tall steel poles range in height from 65 to 105 feet. There will be a combination of radio equipment placed at the top of the poles along with CCTV cameras being placed a little more than midway up the poles. There will be approximately 28 closed circuit cameras placed along the corridor.

Bill Boynton

NHDOT Public Information Officer

I had one more question for Bill.


There are cameras located at the 101/95 interchange, near Guinea Road and at the 108 interchange and then there is a camera near the Auburn Exit 1 area. That is all for now.

Bill Boynton

So, if you were wondering like me, now you have the answer.



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