You are on your own

I have to get back to a few regular posts employing this theme. I actually  believe many people think this is not true and I worry as  a result.

I live a block from the home  on Epping Road that had a fire emergency today and was just heading out this morning when the first responders arrived. I thought it smart that we might  now be dispatching a smaller and faster team for such calls, it was a pickup truck with  2 professional firemen aboard. I saw them run, yes run, to the home  with fire extinguishers. The black smoke was pouring from the chimney, I figured a chimney fire. The rest of the engines arrived soon after. I am  a proponent of  such smaller vehicles for the initial  response,especially given  our windy roads and frequent mutual aid participation to the hamlets and villages  of the Seacoast.

The residents were very lucky this morning.

This was reported in the news as a furnace fire, in the cellar, and the furnace was in the midst of  “old rags and debris”

There was heavy smoke throughout the home. There  were two small children in the  home under 5 years.

None of the smoke detectors went off.

The Exeter Fire Department has now provided the family  with working battery powered smoke detectors.

It is  critical that  you  have working smoke detectors at all times. It is prudent and loving to check your home for safety issues and make the necessary repairs.

Please test your  smoke detectors  tonight, yes,  make them go off, with some smoke.

“Is dinner  ready?”

“Nope, just  keeping  us safe”

You are  on your own, but I worry about you.


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