Doozie and I popped into Water Street Bookstore this evening to  hear the author Tom Ryan talk about his volume and purchase his book. Funny, Lara Bricker and  I once  discussed putting out a paper similar to the author’s Newburyport tattler. After listening to his travails  concerning that publication, I think   the tone of the Crier is just right for our little Town.

Dan Chartrand really does a great service  with these Author nights. Some folks had driven a couple of hours to attend. I sat  near the podium as the line formed with folks wanting a word and a signature from the author. Doozie was way back in the queue. I was really struck by the personal comments voiced by some attendees to Tom Ryan. The  book obviously has had an impact. We are going to read it in bed tonight, as the wind continues to howl. Check out the Moon tonight!


2 thoughts on “SRO

  1. Can I use these pictures? Our store photographer got a few good ones, but nothing of the crowd. Let me know if so, and who to credit, Thanks!
    Stef Kiper
    Events Coordinator
    Water Street Bookstore

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