Another Dam meeting

I attended the meeting last night at Town Hall with about 50 other folks. If  you were to employ Tuckers pure citizen count, 40.

I left  after they finally( 20 plus minutes of  introductions)  got to the meat and the consultant dismissed concerns about  sediment, and flow  rate changes , and were heading off into  cultural resources. I am not that  interested in those discussions.

Here is all you need to know, if the Dam gets removed it will have no effect  on the Squamscott River below the Dam  and a negligible effect upstream. The Squamscott below the dam is not layered with toxic sediments from the Mill. It was a very good report. The only effect upstream might be that  some areas that are prone to  flooding, now could be suitable for homes.


Frankly I can see no impediment  to removal.


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