dipping toe

“In New Hampshire’s southeast corner, Exeter is dominated by the venerable Phillips Exeter Academy, a private prep school, and leans slightly more Democratic in its voter registration. As of last month, 3,253 were registered Democrats, 2,763 Republicans, and 3,461 were independents or undeclared.”

The above quote from this USA Today article   1/10/12

“Dominated” I love this characterization!

In Exeter  we have about 2200? that turn out to  vote in the local “stuff” .

I sent off the next article with a note to a local Selectman over the weekend, and got a reply today. These are just little things I see and you might have missed. I find them interesting.

“To ensure that he keeps the numbers he needs, Staffier calls the warrant articles out of order in a sort of Bingo approach, picking numbers out of a hat so that residents interested in a particular item have no choice but to stay for the evening.”

The above quote from this Boston Globe article 5/20/12


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