“Costs more than Australia”

There isn’t a lens large enough to capture the full breadth of this  military bone yard in Arizona. We have rivers filled with rusting hulks of warships, submarines, aircraft carriers.

Senator Ayotte was in Town speaking about the threat of sequestration and what it may mean for Cobham. A UK company , like BAE another huge employer in weapons manufacturing. We are now in a real mess with so many citizens employed in making little pieces of weapons. The Military doesn’t even want some of these programs but the politicians keep bringing home  the bacon in  earmarks, and you take the jobs. We could  do wonderful things for this Country if we moved away from War  and the manufacturing of weapons. They all end up in the bone yard at some point. Cobham is involved in a small piece of the F35 program.

Here is short essay on the outrageous costs of the F35.


You should be concerned and realize the mistake we have made after being warned time and again about  how this would come about.

I like  Ike.

One thought on ““Costs more than Australia”

  1. Thanks for the wildlife photos!
    Good reminder from Eisenhower on the mess we are in today….and will be reminded of tomorrow at the Boston Marathon, where in 2013 the citizens of Boston were tricked into staying inside their homes on the orders of the military law enforcement.

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