Grande Dames

Walking the dog the other day I was checking out the Real Estate office windows. Some of the interior shots of properties really drive home the efficacy of hiring a home  stager.

“I’m sorry , but your collection of beanie babies has to be put away dear”

I was surprised to see the Inn at the Bandstand was for sale,  there is no sign on the lawn. It’s anecdotal but I have read many articles that imply one grows weary of running a B&B. “Tweed suit told me he found your muffins a bit heavy on the cinnamon”

So we have two for sale, bracketing the Town Offices. The second which is obscured by trees in need of an arborist, I know little about. It’s the Gardner mansion, 1826. It would  seem looking at the interior shots to be in need of a complete renovation.Downtown looked entirely different at one time. The Courthouse, long gone,was a very large building,another church was present.

I still miss Woolworth , I do  really.

“Get me some thread too, navy blue”


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