Fort Rock Farm

I was away last week and missed the  For Sale sign , only spotted it today. So it’s the house and fields from the driveway North  to the Damsell Manor. The field  that once was proposed as a site for the cathedral, and has a small barn and home are not for sale.

I ran into Warren Henderson today at the Farm, we had a long catch up chat. I asked him about the black Angus cattle that once grazed there, I had missed that  scene.  So he reaches over  and starts digging through a cardboard box in his car and pulls out a numbered brass cattle tag worn by a steer on a neck chain. Cattle  were grazing until the 70’s  at Fort Rock.

Here is the listing , as with most old joints around here, this RE listing site has no interior shots. The Ruffner link with those pics was not working any longer.

You gotta fall in love , before you walk inside.

This is a new link as the Ruffner RE link was disrupted.


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