stinky bathroom

I was getting ready to dive in again with a major assault on my downstairs bathroom cum laundry. I am persnickety about bathrooms anyway but this persistent musty odor has been bugging me. It’s a really clean bathroom  and I have been cleaning bathrooms for years. So I figured it’s gotta be the water.

I checked  and got confirmation from our water plant.

It’s that time of year  when the introduced  chlorine reacts with all the organic matter( leaves) and reduced water quality(low flow) of the Exeter River, and what we get is smelly water for awhile. This is a reason for switching to town wells and limiting the Exeter River contribution. If we took down the Great Dam this issue would go away I believe with a freely flowing river.

So it’s not just the seat you want to remember to put down down, it’s the lid too.

It’s time I guess to add more carbon to the mix at the water treatment plant.

Don’t be doing any late loads of laundry  this week if you live on or off Epping Rd. Basically from the Water tank  to Town.

The Town will be hydro flushing water lines in the area 10pm to dawn and your water could be discolored.


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