monday evening

I have a sticker on the side rear window of my car, it’s a gray Altima. The sticker was made up as a gift for me by my son Bryce. It’s a silhouette of a Town Crier with the words “I am already against the next war”

I seem to always head for the other gray Altima in a parking lot.

I am getting older.

So outside of On the Vine it happened and the owner of the car was coming my way.

“Oh sorry” I said to the woman, (50’ish)  “I thought it was my car”

“This is my car see, just like yours!”

“Well , not quite ” she  kinda huffs.

“I would never have that sticker on my car”

All I could muster  was a deep geesh.

In my head.

I felt sorry for her.


3 thoughts on “monday evening

  1. I will have to check on that Susan and get back to you. I see you have a new office, or I only just noticed your shingle.

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