stick em up


Our State legislators make news from time to time when they propose a bill. Sometimes the bill proposed has me scratching my head, like one to ban perfume in the workplace.

There has been a significant uptick in armed robbery of convenience stores all over and really something should be done before someone gets hurt or killed. We have been lucky in Exeter so far, but we do have history, going back to 1981. A clerk at Gerrys was shot and killed and we also  had another awful robbery on Portsmouth Ave some years ago and the clerks  body was discovered in Maine.


I have not heard any voices decrying this surge in armed robbery and steps that could be taken to enhance the security of clerks.

In some States there are laws requiring two employees to be present,especially overnight and others have  legislated for bullet proof enclosures for the staff.

Could you please pull back your hoodie when entering the store? And driving with the hoodie up does  nothing for your peripheral vision.

I swear sometimes at Xtra Mart I can start to imagine it’s going down, right now.

I  mewed to  the robber,  “Can I tie my shoe ?” “Sure, but make it snappy!” My ruse has worked , and  my fashion choice  of an ankle holster and derringer will save the day. I had him now on the floor my derringer to his neck, then another hero walked in “Bang”

My future, was no more.

Could surveillance cameras  be of a type that actually records a clear image?

Could there be a public information campaign that  might  reach these desperate folks to inform them of drop safes and how that works in most stores.

The most you should be able to run away with is 60.00

Is that worth it?

Silence, that’s all I am hearing.

What happens now after so many  have secured gun permits? When the lead starts to fly don’t hide behind the potato chip display , that only works in the movies.

I thought , long ago, you had to show a reason to carry a concealed weapon. Your business has you carrying alot of cash, your sample case is full of jewelry.


Not the fear of phantoms.

Before issuing so  many new  gun permits in Bedford could the Chief have told the nervous applicant they had nothing to fear?

There was no boogie man and he was not coming to your home.

I have a little story from the Boston Globe to share with you, from 2009 , read it and the comments.

The reporter took a bit of heat  for this passage  in the comments section

“The image captured by a surveillance camera is startling: A clerk at a convenience store in Carver cowers on the ground in fear, seated behind the counter with his hands raised meekly above his head.”

These are appropriate comments. You would and should  be cowering.

Read the silly comments  on a video of a Senior Citizen in Florida last July shooting at two robbers in an internet cafe.

I am not going to post the video as it’s disturbing to me . The old man keeps peppering the felons through the door with no regard for  anyone passing by the location.

I have to tell you despite the bravado expressed by many on the web about that Florida case , you don’t want to shoot another human being.

The gun used by the robber in the Florida case turned out to be inoperable.

You still feel like a hero?

Nine bystanders were hit by police gunfire in NYC in August during a wild melee in the street and the man they were after did not fire. He had already done the deed, to a coworker and was making his exit on 5th Ave.

I have spoken  to many police officers over many years that have never even removed their gun from the holster while on duty.

There is too much gun violence, there is too much fantasy about guns.

Years ago Boston City Hospital initiated a scared straight program, it was based in the Emergency department.

It was an attempt to dispel the notion held by many young and old ,that getting shot is no big deal. Shooting someone else, no big deal.

So they would let the kids see another person writhing in pain on the  stretcher

It is nothing like the movies, or a video game.

It’s like a red hot poker, thrust inside you, that is being twisted.

You don’t want to experience that and you should not want to visit that upon another.

So let’s do something now regarding this rash  of stickups, because someone is going to get killed.

For 60 bucks.


1 thought on “stick em up

  1. Peter

    2nd amendment -“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”.
    Although there is little doubt that the writers of the Second Amendment were heavily influenced by the English Bill of Rights, it is a matter of interpretation as to whether they were intent on preserving the power to regulate arms to the States over the Federal government (as the English Parliament had reserved for itself against the Monarch) or whether it was intent on creating a new right akin to the right of others written into the Constitution (as the Supreme Court recently decided). Some in the U.S. have preferred the “rights” argument arguing that the English Bill of Rights had granted a right. The need to have arms for self-defense was not really in question. People all over the World since time immemorial have armed themselves for the protection of themselves and others, and as organized nations began to appear these arrangements had been extended to the protection of the state. Without a regular army and police force (which in England was not established until 1829), it had been the duty of certain men to keep watch and ward at night and to confront and capture suspicious persons. Every subject had an obligation to protect the King’s Peace and assist in the suppression of riots.

    I have never felt like I need a gun to protect me from the American government or my fellow citizens. Gun owners are more likely be killed by a gun that non gun owners. I know that people will say that if you outlaw guns only outlaws will have them. Well that may be true, but in the real World. How many people could pull the trigger in the moment of a home break in?. 500 people murder by guns in Chicago in 2012.

    I wonder if the framers of the Bill of Rights had that in mind when they were thinking of the safety of the local militia and protecting the guns rights of today.
    I say we should wage peace ASAP.

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