Popping corn

Prior to owning a microwave we employed all the methods. The Jiffy Pop for sure to amaze the kids and relive our own childhood memories of that aluminum foil dome getting bigger and bigger.

It was fun on camping trips too, if it didn’t burst into flames, but that could be exciting too.

The Air Popper.

The Popcorn Wok thing that had that plastic dome once you flipped it over that doubled as a bowl.

The old pot and oil.

Then we got a microwave and we had to buy, of course , the microwave popcorn, you need to do something with a microwave oven.

Today I took my Aunt to her hair salon, Follicles on Portsmouth Avenue. Kathy her stylist and I usually are gabbing while my Aunt drinks her coffee , enjoying the banter.

So today we were talking about popcorn. I told her Doozie likes the mini bags from Jolly Time, she said “I have something you might try”


A little less than a 1/4 of a cup, no oil, in the school lunch bag, fold down the top several times. I used small folds, about 5.

1:30 on the wave timer, but listen , as always for the pops to stop.

Doozie couldn’t believe it and she loves the no oil or anything else that might be in the Jolly Time.

Another bonus is reducing a significant waste stream here( we are never out of popcorn) with the packaging. Doozie tried to make some hay because of a few old maids.

I just threw the bag back in the microwave and voila!

She’s convinced.

So try it out.

Doozie just walked in on her way to bed, and read the post. She wondered what the roll of tape was on the paper bag. “It’s a 1/4 cup measure” I answered.

“Well it looks like a roll of tape”


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