Just wondering


This is a small modular home, with some nice design flourishes. The web is awash with companies that can provide you with a cottage for any site, ready to go. There are many floor plans available.

I was on the phone today with our Building Inspector, Doug Eastman, inquiring about another matter. I asked what he was up to this morning. He  had just returned from  showing some Town owned property for sale, a trailer home.

The Town currently owns seven. We own them for non payment of taxes I believe. The taxes are quite low and there are quite a few Parks in Exeter. The Town did not put anyone on the curb , the homes were essentially abandoned. They are in poor repair.

The other day driving to CT along the Mass Pike I was looking at some huge manufactured home communities. You can , around here too, see that many are not of recent vintage.

I thought that wouldn’t it be great if these units past their prime could  be removed and the replacement had to be something more energy efficient, stylish, safer, and produce a bit more revenue for the Towns in which they are sited.

I was just wondering.

Michigan Modular Homes


3 thoughts on “Just wondering

  1. Doozie and I drove Route 4 last year and saw the remnants of the devastation, and the herculean effort that was made to rebuild the road. We wondered at the time about the shaky housing along the valley and wondered what would replace it. So maybe there can be a renaissance of sorts to replace some really substandard housing. Vermont had to endure a disaster to move. Lacking that it would take the dreaded “mandate” everywhere else. I could see myself in one of these cottages, eventually. I think I would enjoy it more than a retirement apartment or condo building. Don Clement (Vote for Don) and I have discussed this several times,he agrees.Exeter has about 1100 mobile homes , so this possibly presents and interesting idea for the future.

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