Festival of Color today @Town Hall Gallery

IMG_0078With the weather curse gone (HONEST!), the Seacoast Open Studio invites you…again!!…to come see their favorite, colorful works of art at the Old Town Hall Gallery in downtown Exeter.

After 3 consecutive week-ends of snow, you deserve to spend a few minutes surrounded by color!!!

Kathy Lewis-Thompson, Chair

Jane Kiernan, Vice Chair

Exeter Arts Committee



Noon-4, Saturday and Sunday.

Elevator on the left side of the building.

Facebook: Exeter Arts Committee!!

Local tidbit.

This elevator was purchased with about 40K in Town funds and I believe 100K from Riverwoods.

Community largesse.

The special talk and exhibition of early maps of the  Exeter  Community hosted by the Heritage Commission, begins this morning at 10am at Town Hall. The last presentation was cancelled  due to inclement weather.( I used inclement, going for the subliminal now)


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