I had to respond today to a neighbor Mr Russ Hoyt who lives up around the corner on Park Street. He wrote a letter to Seacoastonline and called Don Clement a moron, in a not so cute way. So I responded to his letter online.

This is his letter.

To the Editor:

Driving around Exeter at this time of year it is pretty easy to tell the political leanings of the homeowners. Conservatives are purported to be in favor of free enterprise and business, while liberals are interested in helping people.

I have noticed that one of the signs to be seen in front of many of the liberals’ homes is Don “Tuck it to the elderly” Clement for selectman. Due to his support of doing away with the elderly property tax exemption this would seem to be rather oxymoronic when liberals like to claim they are for helping people.

Those of you who dislike large words such as “oxymoronic” may feel free to shorten it by removing the first three letters.

Vote for Dennis Brady.

Russ Hoyt


This was my retort.

This letter is off base and needs correcting. During the Candidates Forum Don Clement was detailing to the small group of citizens present the dollar amount of tax breaks available to those that qualify. It is a significant program of tax relief, on which we voted as a Community.

Emily Quirk the Newsletter Editor acting as moderator then asked Don if he felt this elderly exemption was too much and should be moderated in some way. Don answered her by saying “while anything could be adjusted, that he was not in favor of any changes in the program”. You can watch the exchange any time to check that for accuracy. I am disappointed that the newspaper would print this letter and let Mr Hoyt go off as he did. Emily was there, Howard(Executive Editor) was there and still you let this letter get printed.

I also wish Mr Hoyt would paint his house every twenty years or so. That’s my parting shot to his oxy whatever dribble .

Mike Lambert

Exeter , NH

A couple of years ago at deliberative session a woman stood up and tried to inject Politics, Party, into our Community business. She was roundly shouted down by those in attendance.

I want some shouts next week, and if Don and Julie are not re-elected you can count on this Community going into a deep tailspin.

The Newspaper and  Patch will love that, you not so much.

It will be your fault for allowing Brian Griset and Frank Ferraro to run roughshod over our Community ideals.

Please, get out and vote for Don and Julie.

Liberals? Progressives? Democrats? Republicans?….

I prefer neighbors to any of that crap.

They started it ,and it’s up to you ,my neighbors(that keep your homes in good repair  because you live in a Community and you care) to put it to rest.


I just  got a note from Emily Quirk who was on vacation when Mr Hoyts letter went to print. She stated to me in a email that she would have added an editors note that Don never said what Mr Hoyt is implying and that she would add this note to the online letter of Mr Hoyt.

I would have returned it to the sender.

Great, just great,  This sloppy vetting of letters has allowed Mr Hoyt’s specious charge to hang for days for many to read  and they  will not revisit the letter to see her Editors note.

It stinks.


One thought on “dribble/drivel

  1. The most disturbing part of this note isn’t Hoyt’s letter. That’s part of what (unfortunately) I’ve come to expect. Instead, it’s this:
    “I just got a note from Emily Quirk who was on vacation when Mr Hoyts letter went to print.”

    I understand kids and school vacations. But there are certain jobs that require a certain amount of attention at certain times of year. A newspaper editor who goes on vacation in the run-up to an important (40% of the Board) election needs to find a new career.

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