The power of the pen


I just read the Newsletter’s endorsement. I expected it today , some thought Friday. The paper never has any surprises for me anymore. I got a pretty good handle on that organization.

“Perceived affiliation?”

That campaign photo certainly messed with voters perception.

“Oh geez, is that who we voted for?”

“I had no idea!”

“Since I did not attend the Deliberative Session, or the Candidates Forum, passed on watching either on Town Hall Streams, don’t follow Patch( is someone from Fremont really a local man?), stopped taking the paper years ago, and Seacoastonline seems to be all about a bridge, all the time, or news from Maine. I do love Facebook though!”

“Where are you from?”

“Exeter NH”

“Oh I  read another story about Exeter recently, too bad about all the problems your having on the BOS”

“Yea, we made a big mistake ,Oh well, that’s politics for ya”

“But Exeter always steered clear  of politics, you folks always seemed to have it  so together”

“Not anymore, Frank and Brian woke us up from our sleepy community dream, now we battle each other every day!”

“It’s invigorating, I feel so alive!”

“Did you hear  they found out the Finance department bought 5 reams  of paper this month and only used two!”

Prior to the  start of the candidates forum the moderator was speaking  to a couple in attendance, 2 of about 12 .

It went something like this, I did not have a recording device.

Thanks so much for coming, for being so interested to actually show up,  it’s hard to get excited when it’s all about sewers isn’t it?


I almost fell over.

Just wait, soon it will be 24/7 controversy, that will get your Community juices flowing.

Your gonna love it!

This March surprise was not at all surprising to me,  a clumsy feint all around, and I had discussed this  dismal prospect with Doozie and many others.

The editorial pick leaves women out of the Community governance  equation.

Don’t settle for someone characterized as  “green” on the issues.

Vote for Julie Gilman and Don Clement.


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