a pledge of non partisanship?

Mr Dennis Brady  candidate  for Selectman wrote a letter  that appeared in Friday’s Newsletter. He seems to be protesting the link, self forged, with Brian , Frank and Party. My Aunt 91, and Doozie both read that letter. I asked them what they thought. They both commented in the same manner.  When one  is involved in such activities that occupy Mr Brady’s retirement, such as math  tutoring, meals on wheels, Party does not matter. That is a given, no need to point that out.

Got it.

You don’t inquire of the prisoner his stripe, he’s wearing them.

It does most definitely matter when seated at the Selectmen’s table. This is where a mistake now by the Community will come to roost. We can expect  nothing but 3-2 votes moving forward.

Hold the line.

Elect Don Clement  and Julie Gilman.


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