We can do this


Doozie and I joined a guest  and a packed house at Town Hall last night to experience some movie magic.


An evident cross section of the Community attended to  support the effort to get the IOKA back on it’s feet.

There is no time to waste, if you have not participated yet,it is  time to send that check, there is no other way to say it.

Jeff Rapsis put on a tremendous performance on his synthesizer, providing the musical accompaniment. Here is link to Jeff’s page, I hope we have him back for another performance at the IOKA . Silent film Blogspot

He was dripping at the intermission, he plays with such fervor!

Doozie could not stop laughing during the second feature “The Cameraman”, it was the monkey.



We were still talking about that monkey this morning,  if you have a few moments you might enjoy this silent movie we located linked below, it has a cast of trained simians.


Make sure you make it to the next IOKA event. The staff they have assembled to move this forward is really top notch and experienced. Trevor Bartlett acting as host  had the crowd charged up with enthusiasm and promise. Any doubts I may have harbored prior to last night were dispelled.

We can do this.


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