BOS meeting tonight

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Tonight, the very night before we come together as Community members to do our business, I have a suggestion.

Spend some time in preparation, one last look so to speak, at the issues before us, the product of many long hours of study and hard work by volunteers and Community employees. You can visit the Community website and print a sample copy of the Town warrant. You could read it tonight, discuss it with your partner, the kids.

Why not?

You could arrive at the Talbot armed with an informed decision on policy, and people.

Since I used the term armed I will also add this plea.

Tonight,  the night before we stand, I would implore everyone to keep their swords sheathed  at the BOS meeting.

The glorious community coming together is about to happen, so let’s let it just happen.

It will be over soon enough.

When the Community stands up for itself tomorrow as a unique construct that will be forever ruined if Party politics  take root.

Vote Don Clement and Julie Gilman for Selectmen

Do the right thing, the smart thing, for the Community which we all love.


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