Laura Hill, who works in our Community Finance Office is the one to pick on Tuesday. Laura will bring to bear her deep technology expertise in this position. I always give her a wave when walking up Water St, Doreen too, and Helen.

They each have their own window, so give them a wave! The Finance Office is located under Town Hall in the former Chamber of Commerce offices.

This office move was another one of the important decisions of the Board of Selectmen to improve working conditions and from that , services for the Community.

Supervisor of the Checklist? This key position insures that all who are eligible and registered to vote, can  indeed , vote.

The rolls are checked and those that  take a Party ballot then return to neutral status are recorded, and of course all others  whose hearts and minds are elsewhere, it is an important position. When Mr Bob Eastman  held the slot ( after he left the Selectmen’s table) he  would spend several days a week in the Town Clerks office.

Just checking on things, I guess.

I looked around once and typically this position is part time, a flurry of activity just before and after an election.

I am sure Laura Hill will be able to quickly organize the records  and establish protocols  to insure they are up to date , and still kick it, at her day job

It would be so great if we could put aside the physical  roll search with paper and ruler, and perform an electronic database query.

Vote for Laura Hill tomorrow