BOS broadcast tonight


If your husband is retired and a Selectman , why do you have to call the Town Hall on your 30 minute break?

If I were King I would grant you a full hour of ease, to make phone calls or get a manicure or massage!

Honey do or Honey ask list ? Maybe?

Brandon, Brandon, Brandon? or just  Brandon?

All Town Offices and extensions are  listed on the Town web portal.

We have to move away now and towards something , that will mean embracing and utilizing technology.

Library with no books

Carol is of more use in the Collection dept than answering the phone. For some reason, even  with an operator it often would default to an answering machine. I do remember that occurring frequently. I find the current  system fine for  my purposes. I generally  use email , but do enjoy speaking directly with John Devittori our Assessor and  Doug Eastman  our Building  Inspector, another great call, always pleasant and informative. They are both great resources on  many important issues, trends.

The Town  Clerk windows are staffed and they are more than able and willing to direct  people to appropriate departments.

Arthur B “da Mayor” should be able to navigate  the Town Offices with his eyes closed, and anyone else could too. There are no more than 6 doors, on two floors.

“Does this come with a bag of walnuts?”

You are the greatest Don!


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