We came home from CT last Sunday and after retrieving Bailey from Bittersweet Kennel, we headed over to Hampton.

The cupboard was bare and we had a coupon for the Community Oven, it was very nice, we will return . I understand that this “anchor” has saved that plaza. The Blue Lobster Brewing Company is right next door too. I sampled this brew over the holidays  and it’s very good. The brewery has a tasting room, better check the schedule for times.

There is also a consignment shop with a nice selection of funky attire. It’s the “3 Sisters Consignment Boutique ” and the owner is the Mother of a popular local disc jockey.

The plaza is basically a great date.

“How do these green cowboy boots look on me?”

I noticed they sponsor a fundraiser night at Community Oven  for local organizations and communicated that to my IOKA contact, Diane Wieler. If you  have an idea on how we can continue to raise money, pass it along.

That Buster Keaton night was great!

Here’s the deal, we need to be thinking about this theater, attending any fundraising event they come up with and contributing if you have not already. Most people that participated  in the initial appeal went in for 100.00. I am assuming at least from here that group can be counted on again. That 100.00  had strings attached, those strings are cut now, to make those funds earnest.

The Community really needs to be thinking about the IOKA, talking about it.


This fundraising team as you can imagine is contacting those philanthropists amongst with great means and hearts. I would imagine those decisions would be easier, if those generous people could feel the buzz, the anticipation.

It’s so great to see the marquee lighted up.

“We WILL do this”

Trevor  Bartlett


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