boating season


The mud is still glistening, so this is a photo of a descending tide, with maybe 2 hours left to dead low.

Today I read that the Historical Commission has authorized a canoe/kayak launch for the Mill. It will be placed near those two trees on the left bank, beyond the mud flat. I guess it will employ a float  extending 20 feet off the bank. It will only be used by the Mill residents.

Anyone using this new embarkation point will have to closely consult the tide chart, if the float plan is to return to the launch point. The mud flat at low tide is significant. You might end up back at the Town ramp( which still has water at low tide) leave your craft  onshore on the grass , stroll home, and come back later to paddle back to the other side. You won’t be able to leave it tied to the Town float.  There is about  a one hour difference between high tide at the Squamscott RR trestle entering Great Bay and our pool at the head of tide, so that must be factored  in any boating plans.


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