a great run

The weather has been spectacular,that’s for sure. This period now will give the plants a nice break, but I wish we had a bit more rain coming down. I had been doing spot watering  on some new additions to the yard. I have been struck lately by how many forsythia and flowering pear we have in the community. Lowes in Epping has pears and flowering crabs for 20.00.

I read an editorial in Fosters this morning about Carol Shea Porter.

She was called a Casper Milquetoast on her performance  relative to Great Bay recently.

The funniest/saddest thing, the Editor had to add a note explaining the reference.

Here is the link to the upbraiding.

Fosters Daily Democrat Editorial

I have my own take on what  happens to anyone, once they get elected and head down to DC.

More later.


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