Numbers released

The Federal Government released yesterday a huge file detailing hospital charges for the 100 most common procedures/visits.It was a long download.

I expect to see an analysis of NH hospital charges this week in a news article. I would be surprised if the nimble PR folks in the health care industry don’t make an attempt to blunt the facts, fast.

The differences in price for the same procedure at different hospitals is quite startling.

We all knew this, right? that hospitals even those in the same city, across the street, often charge grossly more for the same service.

This release of information could be  a big nothing in terms of impact unless this one thing happens.

Oh not a Congressional Hearing !


It will take consumers making decisions with their feet based on access to real time information on patient outcomes and price.

“But I don’t want to drive to Rochester to have my gall bladder out”

“Really?, I seem to remember you running to MGH  for that brain issue !”


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