100 years ago

I read about or lived in a community where the police handed out “tickets” for good behavior behind the wheel and on foot.

That went on for a few weeks, there was some press, so everyone got the message.

It was a coupon for a free ice cream cone or something, a balloon, a kite?

The Chamber Of Commerce was  involved.

After this grace or message period, if you persisted in jaywalking  you got a real ticket.

Linda and I   just returned from  a great time in San Francisco, 10 days worth. I saw a policeman there go after a jaywalker as if he had robbed a bank. The pedestrian also had been rude to the driver( I was caught in the verbal crossfire) and that was really irking the policeman. The fellow got a ticket. In a city  it is imperative that all traffic and pedestrians obey the law, to insure things keep moving.

It should be that way all over really.


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