I took the bait. I checked per the detailed instructions of Mr Brady’s weekly letter to the ENL and looked at the tape of the July 1st Selectmen’s meeting.

Where’s the beef?

If you don’t think this is political meaning Party, listen to Gail Ferraro try and link a Selectmen meeting  to National and State politics.


So lame.

I found both Mr Clement and Mr Quandt to be steady and moderate in their response to  Mrs Ferraro and Brian Griset.

Despite the provocations and hyperbole.

I don’t understand how such a small group (4?) should be able to cast aspersions on my Board of Selectmen and the Town.

I don’t understand why the Newsletter feels that Mr Brady who lost his bid for Selectman( and will never gain a seat at the table ) should be afforded  a weekly shot to go on and on about nothing. His constant tv appearances since that defeat have at least given the Community the ability to recognize him at the  grocery store.

That campaign photo , geesh.

This is a fellow that no one even heard of prior to his crushing defeat at the polls.

I don’t understand.

I had to literally run down to the microphone at the High School  Dam Meeting recently to stop Brian Griset  from speaking about  something that was untrue.

He did not apologize for his assertion, he just continued to try and make points, babbling on and on.

I am tired of hearing about all these citizens that supposedly support this divisiveness and it’s major players.

Give me some names Brandon.

They aren’t at the polls, they aren’t at the deliberative session, they were for sure not at the Great? Dam meeting, they never show up at the Selectmen meeting.

They don’t vote that’s been demonstrated time and again.

The McDonald’s coffee tribunal numbers  about 8.

I reject most soundly having the process of governance  held up and harried by this teensy tiny group of disaffected individuals.

I am gearing up right now for next March and will do everything in my power to replace Frank and clear the Nowak room of this nonsense.

The time has come.

Don’t worry,  be happy , it will all be over next March.


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